Answers to Your Questions

Your list of workshops is interesting, but what I think my organization needs isn't really captured there.

That's great.  Each of my existing workshops was born out of a group asking for something specific or describing their perceived needs.  So, I'm always excited to develop something new and focused specifically on a group's needs.  Even for existing workshops, I'm careful to learn as much as possible about the participants and the goals of the event so that the program can be tailored accordingly.

Our team is experiencing some issues, and probably needs more intervention than a workshop.

That's not uncommon, and numerous times I've worked with teams to improve their culture.  In these instances I typically start with a process of assessment involving either anonymous surveys or confidential interviews. From there I offer recommendations for programming and subsequent processes meant to sustain and grow the change initiated with the intervention.

What about retreats?

When done well, a retreat is a great opportunity to accomplish multiple goals, including teambuilding, alignment, and fun.  There are advantages to having an outsider involved in the planning and facilitating of a retreat, and have extensive experience in this regard.  I enjoy working with teams and organizations to ensure that the potential inherent in a retreat is fully realized.

We have a limited budget.  Are costs negotiable?

When discussing budgets, it's rare to hear "money is no object."  Accordingly, costs are negotiable.  There is the need to be conscious of being able to pay the bills, but coming from academia and having worked with not-for-profit organizations, I can appreciate the constraints that are typical in those domains in particular.  Also, there may be ways to partner with other organizations or units within your organization to participate in the same programming and share costs.  Let's have a conversation and find what works.

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