Chief Resident Leadership Development Academy 2023

I’m excited to offer this latest evolution of a program to aid rising chief residents in their leadership development as they prepare to face the challenges of the year ahead.  Each session is independent and offered twice, so individuals can participate in any number and any order according to their needs, interests, and schedules.

The content for each session is evidence-based, practical, and applied in nature.  Accordingly, each two-hour Zoom session is limited to a maximum of 20 participant to ensure active participation and engagement.

Tuition for each session is $75, or $200 for all three sessions, payable by check, PayPal, Venmo, or credit card (securely through an invoice generated by an online payment processing company).


Leadership Development:  Emotional Intelligence and the Unique Role of Chief Resident

   Topics Include:  Navigating collaboration with program directors, co-chiefs, and fellow residents

Promoting self-awareness and self-management in yourself and others

Identifying and leveraging personality and individual differences


Facilitating Teamwork, Resilience, and a Healthy Clinical Learning Environment

 Topics include:  Leveraging the 4 universal human needs related to flourishing

Evidence-based models and practices to promote optimal teams and healthy culture

Evidence-based models and practices to to promote personal resilience


Mastering Communication, Conflict, and Difficult Conversations

Topics Include:  Optimizing communication to meet needs and prevent negative outcomes

Providing effective feedback and coaching

Resolving conflict and successfully navigating difficult conversations


   Enrollment in Any Session Includes:

  • Live learning, practicing, and receiving feedback in a group context (via Zoom)
  • Session slides and accompanying original handouts and guides
  • Over the course of the year:  Access to the instructor for personalized consultation at no cost
  • Ongoing email prompts and resources to facilitate reflection and application to daily experience


Questions, Feedback, or suggestions?   (803) 575-0066